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by Pin Lim

There is a common misconception that digital photography is less expensive than when we shot film, simply because there IS no film.

Digital is in fact NOT cheaper than film, but it IS better. The images captured by digital equipment exist as raw data, waiting to be processed and interpreted by the photographer at a computer workstation. Further enhancements, modifications and retouching, that were once the provence of only a specialized few, are now part of the commercial photographic workflow. Our pricing for basic capture and processing reflects not only the time and expertise to fine-tune the digital exposures, but the addition of burning all images to duplicate sets of removable media, one for on-site, and one for off-site storage.

We will be glad to discuss the expected parameters of costs for your particular assignment with you on a per-job basis.


Keeping It Simple Pricing

Wedding Photography $1500 plus tax

- 1 creative photographer
- 4 hours of wedding day coverage
- 1 Bridal Session
- 1 Engagement Session
- Unlimited number of shots
- Hi Res CD of images plus copyrights for personal reproduction
- Online Gallery

Portrait Photography $150 plus tax

- Basic Individual or Small Group
- 1 hour session
- Unlimited number of shots/poses
- Hi Res CD of images plus copyrights for personal reproduction
- Optional Online Gallery

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